Sunday, February 26, 2006

Isabel Davis (Keene)

Isabel Davis
b: 25 Apr 1804, Appleton, ME
Father: John Davis
Mother: Mary Martin
m: 12 Dec 1822, Appleton, ME to Robert Stene Keene
d: 30 Apr 1896, Appleton, ME

Isabel Davis was mother of Eliza Ford Keene

Eliza Ford Keene
b: 22 jan 1827, Appleton, ME
M: 3 Oct 1851, Appletson, ME to James Murray Smith
d: 24 Oct 1866, Boston, MA

Eliza Ford Keene was mother of Eliza Sarah Smith

Eliza Sarah Smith
b: 12 Aug 1859, Boston, MA
m: 19 Apr 1883, Omaha, NE to Wilzue Whitson
d: 19 Jun 1944, Council Bluffs, IA

Eliza Sarah Smith was mother of Jay Whitson

Jay Whitson
b: 26 Mar 1889, Hardin Twp, Pottawatamie Co, IA
m: 29 May 1918, Ames, IA to Edith D. Whitney
d: 1 Oct 1976, Grinnell, IA

Jay Whitson was maternal grandfather to the Barrett brothers

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