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How I tracked down my grandmother's cousins, Part 2

This is the 2nd part of a multi-part post. Be sure to read Part 1 first.

As explained in the previous post at the time of 1900 census our paternal grandmother's family, including sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and first cousins looked like this:

In the 1910 census we find that Uncle Han's family has moved from Iowa to Prospect, Oregon, about 30 miles from Pendleton.

The babies that had been unnamed at the time of 1900 census are now listed as 9 years old Leona and Leonard. The addition to the family, 2year old son Arthur, is shown as being born in Oregon, indicating that the family moved before 1908.

The 1910 census shows Uncle Henry's family also has grown:

Daughter Frieda was born in 1902 and Hilda in 1906.

The census also shows 2 Paulson boys in the household - Frederick age 22 and Frank age 19- listed as servants. We can guess that they are somehow related to Aunt Maggie Paulson (Han's wife) or Uncle John Paulson (Sophia's husband) -- our 1915 picture of a huge crowd at Uncle Henry's farm said they were 'all related' -- but we have no information about the relationship.

We cannot find the family of Sophia Lorenzen and John Paulson in the 1910 Census. We do, however, find the family of Augusta Lorenzen and Catherine Meyer in Union, Umatilla County, Oregon.

Two children have been added to the family, son Vernon born 1905 and daughter Emily born 1909, both born in Iowa. The family must have just moved to Oregon within the year.

The 1920 census shows the family of Sophia Lorenzen and John Paulson in New Mexico.

We see that daughter Lillian (1903), son Ira (1907) and daughter Helen (1912) have been added to the family. The children were all born in Iowa so the family must have moved to New Mexico after 1912.

The 1920 census shows additions to the family of Augusta Lorenzen and Catherine Meyers:

Daughters Helen (1912) and Florence (1914) were born in Oregon.

That completes the discovery of our grandmother's 20 first cousins on her mother's side, of whom we knew nothing until a few weeks ago. Fifteen of them were named Lorenzen and were living in Umatilla County Oregon in 1915 when our grandmother and her sisters were there and those photos were taken.

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Daniel said...

Very well written, a very clear and smooth flowing explanation of research. The graphics were fascinating as they documented the steps of your research. What an insight into the process.