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Beloit (Wisc.) College Class of 1871

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The following was written by Newton Barrett(1890-1986) [the Barrett Brothers' grandfather] whose father, Frank F. Barrett (1850-1898) graduated from Beloit College in 1871:
After perhaps a year at Knox College, living at home, Frank entered Beloit College, (Beloit, Wisc.) Of course, this was like most colleges a century ago, a men’s school. It was small enough so the students knew each other well. This Class of 1871 seems to have been especially closely knit in friendship. All of the 11 graduates entered the ministry—all but Father soon after finishing theological school -- Father after several years as representative of a large drug firm in Chicago, decided to become a minister, making the vote unanimous. At the time the family photograph was taken, he was doubtless in this lay position.
The photos here included, indicate that they were not for the graduation records, as there are more than the 11 in the final year. I have somewhere a sheet of stationery the Class had printed, the heading featuring the emblem, an ornamental 71, sourrounded by a band bearing 11 stars. Cousin Mary says he was second baseman on the College baseball team, and a most skillful player. In the ‘20s I corresponded with two or three classmates whose address I had—of course now retired; and one replied, recalling a literary contribution to the class’ publication, which was the finest thing of the lot.
My first wife Alma, looking over the several photos of Father, refused to believe they were all of him—the commonest one showed what she called a soft face; others, one with considerable strength. Different as these are, I am confident that they are all his.
[Above] Picture—Frank Barrett 2nd row, 4th from left, Behind light trouser-leg.

In the above two pictures Frank F. Barrett is in the front row, third from the left.

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