Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Edith and Alice Millard

Edith Millard (1870-1895) [The Barrett Brother's GreatGrandmother] and her sister Alice Millard (1864-1898).

This is what Edith's son, the Rev. Newton Barrett [the Barrett Brother's Grandfather] wrote about this picture:

The only tin-type in the collection. Two Millard sisters, Edith (left) and Alice (right). The two sisters were very close, being the only living sisters (before “Bitty” was born much later). Alice was 6 years older than Edith—Mother’s diary for about 1885 reflects some frustration at being among the younger members of the Christian Endeavor Society of Grand Ave. Cong. Church, who got no office in the election—Alice was pianist, and I think, President.

This picture was taken probably just before Mother’s marriage in 1889. Alice was married to Frank Stowe Sawyer, Congregational minister, about 1886 or 7—I visited them several times in South Milwaukee. [Alice and Frank’s children] Edith was 2 ½ years older [than me], Millard 11 days older and a head taller during our youth. By coincidence, both [sisters Edith and Alice] died following the birth of their third child; and their minister husbands followed them within a few years. Both Sawyers [Alice and Frank] are buried in the church yard in South Milwaukee. I helped mow their lot one day when we three [Edith, Millard and me?] visited the place.

I scarcely knew my Mother—she died before her 25th birthday—I was 4 ½ years old. I didn’t realize at the time, nor even at Father’s death 3 years later, how irreparable a loss I had suffered. I had some contact with a Jewish family living not far from our Milwaukee home, Mr.s Wahl employed me about the place, and advanced money to buy my first long pants suit. She was a schoolmate of Mother’s and, I like to think, not merely to be kind, she said, “I remember her—she was a very sweet girl!”

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