Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Frank F. Barrett (1850-1898)

Four pictures of the Rev. Frank F. Barrett. [Click on photos to see them full size.]

Frank's son Newton thought that the bottom two pictures (marked 1868 and 1870) were from the time when Frank attended Beloit college, where he graduated in 1871.

Newton wrote about the top photo the following:
The latest and, I think, the best photo of Father, though taken a number of years before I knew him. Probably as he was in 1880 at the time of his graduation from Union Theological Seminary [in New York City] in 1880 and ordination in Evansville, Wisconsin in 1881. The only copy of this picture I had was damaged in mounting it in and removing it from a plush folder, with Mother's very dim picture on one side, his on the other. I recently (1972) had 3 copies made from the original, this being one; a second to be sent to the San Antonio Church, which has a gallery of pastors' photos, Father's and one other being missing.

Of the second photo Newton wrote:
Another photo, somewhat earlier.

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